Butembo, North Kivu, DR Congo

While following Jemima, a curious little girl wandering through dusty roads, crowded markets, slaughterhouses and bat hunting scenes, we encounter three other women who describe the harsh realities of being born female and deaf in a society that sees one as a defect and the other as demonic possession.

The film follows the everyday struggles of Immaculée, Sylvie and Stuka against marginalization, abuse and oppression. Despite the insurmountable barriers imposed on them by society, the protagonists’ strong and undefeated will allows them to take hold of their fate every single day. Through their eyes and intimate reflections, the women share their powerful stories of struggle and survival revealing the beautiful resilience of the human spirit.

"Sometimes I wonder how my voice would sound now; I’ve read that the voice changes together with your body, but I can’t imagine it different from the one I remember."


While working on my previous film, The Silent Chaos, which was originally supposed to be a documentary about the effects of the civil war in Congo, I met a community of deaf people in Butembo who accepted and welcomed me and their personal experiences became an integral part of the film. I was deeply moved by their stories and felt compelled to make another documentary to give voice to the struggles of deaf people in Congo, this time from the perspective of the women.

Antonio Spanò

"Inner Me is our inner voice. That voice that is so clear within us, but that we might have difficulties communicating to others."

-Antonio Spanò


"Deaf people use their body to speak. We need to be looked at closely, but it’s hard for us just to be seen."